Everthing you need to learn about SHARK BRIDGE & BBO

LIVE! Online Teaching Tutorial for Shark Bridge 

This is NOT a taped session.  Silvana Morici will host you in a live zoom meeting, show you the sophisticated and advanced teaching platform, Shark Bridge, how to operate and run a classroom with as many as 25 tables, how to create hands, save notes, import and export hands, and so much more! 

Even if you never feel you will teach online, you will quickly see how Shark Bridge will be the best tool you have to teach when we get back to face-to-face bridge, too!  It is an invaluable tool if you are serious about teaching bridge (especially to beginners!). 

Taking this tutorial includes Silvana's long-term support, too.  She is known to take serious interest in her students success and that includes teachers.  She will continue to help you and you can email or call upon her for questions at any time, even after this session.  Other teachers who have take many of the other offered Shark tutorials have said that this was the best path to a clear and complete understanding of how to use the Shark Teaching Console.

This is the easiest way to teach groups online and offers so much flexibility, you will wonder how you ever taught without it.   

Second Wednesday of Month 

12:30pm EDT*

Occasionally, we offer other days.  Look here

This is an interactive presentation that will have you engaged first as the student and then as the teacher.  


$30 per person to partcipate in a group presentation

2-hour private session $125

(custom day and time)**

**These are popular right now and scheduling is at least 7-10 out; do not delay if this of interest.

Do you want to learn how to register and play on BBO?

Want to learn how to teach online with Shark Bridge?

Do you have a club you want on BBO?

Want to learn how to direct on BBO?

Bridge Players training on how to play on BBO

Did you know you can play bridge online with friends, your local bridge club partners, bridge players around the world and that beginners can practice playing bridge, too?


Join Silvana Morici for a LIVE! interactive tutorial on all things BBO.  How to register, how to find and make friends, how to create a table to play with them, how to find and participate in duplicate games that award ACBL Masterpoints, how to bid, alert, play the cards, find your results, and create a convention card.  It is an invaluable lesson for our new world of bridge!

Last Monday of month  

1:30pm EDT

This is an interactive 60-minute presentation


$20 per person for group presentation

1-hour private session $50 for 1, $100 for up to 4 friends.

(custom day and time)

Learn how to host ACBL games and direct on BBO 


Want to move your bridge club online with?  Do you need help getting started?  Want to learn how to create tournaments, convert to a Howell movement for smaller games, or direct your games?  Do you know how to unblock players, use the BridgeFinesse features, the VPortal to call for subs, adjust boards, etc.  There is a lot learn!

Join BBO Director, Silvana Morici for a LIVE! interactive session, while she directs.  She will introduce you to the TD Desk, show you the ropes, teach you the tools and answer all of your questions.  Great hacks, tricks and critical 911 issues and how to address them, will be included.

Prerequisite ACBL sanction holders or ACBL directors only.

Last Monday of month  

3:00pm EDT

This is a PRIVATE lesson, with ongoing support for 30 days afterwards. 


Club manager may include up to (5) employees/directors to participate. 


2-hour session $100