To improve in Bridge, you need to play and practice!

We routinely have you play and practice in our classes, but we suggest everyone practices in between our classes, too.


You can play independently with robots or fellow students on the SHARK app (They even have a Baby Shark area for Novices/ Beginners only!) or join one of our Bid & Play Practice Groups where we supervise while you practice and we work together LIVE!

Bid & Play Practice Groups with Silvana and Rich 

Interactive, LIVE! practice sessions, that are supervised by us, are the best way to learn and grow your knowledge.  When you first learn to bid and play, you are so focused on the many new concepts introduced, you often tune out secondary information that is also important.  Everyone has different areas of misinformation, surface learning or concepts they just forgot.  Let's fill in all the gaps. We will watch while you bid and play, and together we will fine tune your game.  NO PARTNER NEEDED.  

New Groups are formed each month and are limited to keep the class small and intimate.  Click here to see the next available group you can join:

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Shark Bridge Application 

Shark Bridge App is a full-featured computer bridge game, that makes

for a perfect companion on your journey of learning bridge. The robots

are strong with good knowledge of common bidding systems and 

conventions. You can play on Shark with robots or fellow students.

To begin, download the Shark Bridge App from one of the links below. After a FREE one week trial, you can choose to commit to the$ 25 annual fee- that's less than 7 cents a day!). The yearly charge is NOT automatic, so you never pay if you don't need it.  With the first year, you get unlimited random hands and basic online play for life.   

Shark Bridge for

iPad and iPhone Click Here

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Shark Bridge for

Apple's Mac Click Here

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Shark Bridge for

Windows 10 Click Here

You can also ask us to send you hands to practice with!  Not all teachers will do this, however, we are invested in your learning and are always happy to prepare and send you a "homework" file of hands to practice with.