Bidding Clarity (Oct/Nov Wed 2:00pmET)

Learn how to read the auction more clearly in (4) 90-minute sessions! 


This class is for any player who is miffed by questions like...what does that mean?,  Am I supposed to go to game?, What does my partner want me to do?...  Most of us make mistakes in bidding because we were taught what to bid, but never taught how to read bidding.  When your bidding is misunderstood you make costly mistakes that keep you out of the correct contract or takes you and partner on an adventure ride into impossible contracts that can't make.  OY!  This class is packed with exercises that are set up to challenge how well you understand bidding.  It is not like any class you have taken before as we reverse the way we explain bidding.  Our goal...If the way you learned it originally isn't working, maybe this will help bring it all together for you.  Are you up for some clarity?

90-Min Sessions

No Partner needed.  Singles encouraged!

Tuition:  $100 

Bidding Clarity (Oct/Nov Wed 2:00pmET)