Elevated Bidding: Part 1 (Jan-Tues 2pm ET)

Take your bidding to another level in (4) sessions! 


Learn advanced concepts in bidding concepts that elevate your communication in the auction and navigate your partnership to better contracts.  These sessions are 100% hands-on, Live! and Interactive, where you are in the active bidding seat.  Class notes & worksheets will be emailed to each student for extra support. Let's get you bidding like an expert!

No Partner needed.  Singles encouraged! 

Tuition:  $100 


Part 1: 

  • New Minor Forcing

  • 4th suit Forcing

  • Flannery 2D

  • Inverted Minors


Part 2: 

  • Help Suit Game Tries

  • Western Cuebids

  • 4-way transfers

  • Control Cuebidding to Slam

Elevated Bidding: Part 1 (Jan-Tues 2pm ET)