ONLINE Critical Challenges WORKSHOP

Our most requested class is Critical Thinking, so as to create a more permanent offering, this course has been reworked as individual workshops to be taught every few weeks. 


Always packed with new problems to solve, to challenge you, and to better you bridge.  If you have taken any of the Critical Thnking courses, you will love this; if you haven't, don't worry, it will not affect your learning in this new version.  NO PARTNER NEEDED.


There are complex concepts that experienced players can recognize, organize and execute that bring their playing ability and game results to another level. They have tools that tell them where many of the critical cards lie around the table, formulas to help them make more successful decisions and tactics that make them look like miracle workers.  Are you ready to learn these concepts? These sessions are 100% hands-on, Live! and Interactive, where you are in the critical thinking seat and I am you coach. Let me show you how to play like a pro!  


These run 90-minutes and you are playing the entire time.  Bring your A-game!


ONLINE Critical Challenges WORKSHOP