Points: Better Hand Evaluation (July-Tues 11:30am)

Points!  Urgghh.  Add them here, count them there, delete them here...it is so confusing.  Aren't you ready to clean up this messy misunderstnding of how to properly evaluate your hand?  From our perspective, TOO MANY of players were not taught proper hand evaluation or worse, you were taught a basic method that doesn't work well.   It is way more than "Aces are worth 4 points" and "Voids are worth 3 points".


How would you know if you understand it correctly? 

Well...ask yourself this...Do you know when to delete points from your hand?  Do you know when and when not to add points?  If not, there is a very good chance that you weren't explained how.  Come let us explain it in a way that will make sense logically!  Understanding this proper hand evaluation is critical to getting to the right contract and avoiding the wrong ones.

90-Min Sessions

No Partner needed.  Singles encouraged!

Tuition:  $100

Points: Better Hand Evaluation (July-Tues 11:30am)

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