Pre-Intermediate FALL BUNDLE (Tues AM)

This is the SPECIAL OFFER BUNDLE to register for the Fall Session of your choice and the coorelating summer online practice sessions.  No Partner needed. Singles encouraged!


MONDAYS: Summer at 10am/Fall at 10:15am - Click here to review more info and exact dates


$260+80+80 = $340 (Save $80) if you pay online

$250+80+80 = $330 (Save $80) if you print and mail in registration form with a check


SPECIAL OFFER: Earn an EXTRA $50 when you register yourself for a class and also a NEW player who has never taken a "Roberta Sez" class before.  


(*note-$30 of tuition is dedicated to required security at temple) 

Pre-Intermediate FALL BUNDLE (Tues AM)