Wham-Bam-Bid-to-SLAM! (July-Tues/Thur 2:30pm)

WHAM-BAM-BID-TO-SLAM: The complete path to 6 & 7!

Learn reach the 6 and 7-level more efficiently in (4) sessions! 


The bonuses for bidding slams is too great not to understand when to get there, how to get there and when to avoid slam.  It is way more than blackwood and asking for Aces or Keycards.  Knowing when to avoid such conventions, which method of investigation to use, what to do with the information we get, etc., is so much more important.  If you have settled for the occasional 6-level bid and crossed your fingers hoping it all works out, you need this class.   We meet online for an hourly instructional session and practice with supportive hands for an hour, twice a week.  Class notes & worksheets will be emailed to each student for extra support.  

Wham-Bam-Bid-to-SLAM! (July-Tues/Thur 2:30pm)

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