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So you want to learn or improve your bridge game?​


You've come to the right place!

Whether you're just getting off the ground or you are an experienced player, Silvana Morici has a course for you.

Classes with Silvana are fun and easy to follow. She makes the learning process exciting – no droning lectures and weary note-taking, since you are given easy to follow supportive note books at your first lecture.  Her style focuses on LOGIC, rather than MEMORIZING

For the WINTER 2023 series, you will enjoy a 2-hour class in the morning and a supervised practice in the afternoon. Silvana encourages all her students to practice between lessons – she helps set up games each week for you, which is vital to enjoying this fascinating pastime. Bridge has never been more fun to learn!

It's time to sharpen your game!

Classes start promptly at 10:30am at Opus Steakhouse, Jericho, NY. 

 **If paying online with a credit card, tuition is plus $10 to cover bank/merchant charges.


Concepts you need to know


This series is for those who play a little bridge, but not very well!  Silvana will introduce concepts you need to know and show you methods to find and make winning contracts!


These sessions will focus on how to dissolve losers, when to insist on your own suit, How to balance, how bids in different locations affect your choices, and more!

Stay after class for supervised practice and meet other players to play between lessons.

      TUESDAYS at 10:30am

May 16- June 27

     Tuition: 7 sessions - $250*

2/1- Next Steps


This series is for those who have learned 2/1 basics and want to learn the next steps.

As you change bidding structure, you need new tools to relay precise information.  


This class will focus on reverse bidding, 4th suit forcing, cuebidding controls, RKCB 1430 and more!

Stay after class for supervised practice and meet other players to play between lessons.


     MONDAYS at 10:30am

May 15- June 26

     Tuition: 7 sessions - $250*

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Have you learned the basics? to open in 1-of-a-suit, respond with support and without, what you need to bid to game, and overcall?

Then it is time to learn how to open 1NT, respond with the Stayman Convention, Jacoby Transfers and play in NoTrump.


NOTE:  This course is given ONLINE on Wednesdays at 6pm EASTERN.

      WEDNESDAYS at 6:00pm

       April 19- June 7

       (No Class on May 3 & 10)

     Tuition: 6 sessions - $225*

     Remedial Students - $100 (contact us)

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