What makes a vacation the best?. . . Bridge, of course!

We know that everyone is reluctant to travel, which is why we have moved all but one of our 2020 & 2021 sailings to 2022 (we kept the Holiday Cruise in December 2021 as it is very popular and well-attended)


We feel confident that all of the new protocols implemented by our cruise partners will make cruising safer than ever before.  All of our cruises are 100% vaccinated, and everyone must be tested before boarding.  On board, hospital-grade air filters have been installed and a new department to fight virus transmission is on every ship to make public areas cleaner.  Most ships have also created apps so many things are hand-free!   

Our cruise partners are also busy adding elements and protocols to make cruising safer than it has ever been.  Visit our Crystal Cruises to read all about their Crystal Clean+ protocols.


If you are not ready to make a plan yet, you can still peruse the website and see what we offer.  Then, maybe when you do feel comfortable, you can come sail away with us.