What makes a vacation the best?. . . Bridge, of course!

We know that everyone is reluctant to travel, which is why we have moved all of our 2020 trips to 2021 (our first sailing is October 2021).  We feel confident that by then, we will be in a safer place to enjoy seeing the world again. 


We have also arranged with our cruise partners to offer our players a full refund up until a few months before we sail...just in case.  That way you can start your planning and reserve your spot, and if things do not feel safe enough later, you can cancel without penalties. 


Our cruise partners are also busy adding elements and protocols to make cruising safer than it has ever been.  Visit our website to read all about what they are doing.


If you are not ready to make a plan yet, you can still peruse the website and see what we offer.  Then, maybe when you do feel comfortable, you can come sail away with us.