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Online Bridge Lessons that are EASY, FUN and EFFECTIVE

We use the most advanced online teaching tool so that you are engaged and an active participant in your learning process.  Our LIVE! instructional sessions are coupled with a sophisticated online classroom that maximizes each students' practice opportunities.  Nobody is every the dummy; nobody is ever sidelined while others are learning.  All of our lessons include supportive, clear and concise notes, with examples and worksheets to test your new knowledge of each topic, too!


about us

Silvana and Rich Morici 

We are TAP-certified bridge instructors, ABTA members, Club Owners and Directors.  We run one of the most successful teaching clubs in the nation, an ACBL Top-10 bridge club, the Sagamore Bridge Club in NY.  We are also one of the owners of the largest, most successful online virtual club, Alliance Bridge Club and Alliance BBO Directing company.  We also operate Sagamore-at-Sea, a bridge travel company and we are the exclusive bridge hosts of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.


We can teach any level of bridge, but enjoy focusing on Novices to Advanced Beginners.  We have a teaching style that is easy and fun to learn from and we guarantee learning.  We invest in our students and take their success personally.  


Silvana was recognized and awarded the ACBL Nadine Wood award, received the Lifetime Achievement in Bridge Gordon Duffy Award and was recently crowned "The Godmother of Online Bridge" by her peers for her dedication to keeping bridge alive in the clouds.  She created all of the tutorials to teach players how to play online, she invited onto the national task force focusing on the future of bridge and was appointed the chairperson of the task force's sub-committee for teaching and membership on behalf of the bridge league.

Rich, formally the  Senior Vice-President of of Hollywood Video and later, returning to his roots in hospitality, the Chief Operating Officer for one of New York's most prominent and successful restaurateur, he decided to join his wife full-time and dedicate his time to all things bridge.  He regularly teaches private groups, tutoring them in an interactive setting with the goal of improving their bridge knowledge.  At the physical club, Rich was in charge of Newplicate, a program dedicated to teaching and supporting beginners in learning with classes, supervised playing sessions and review sessions 4 days a week.  

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