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Our Bridge Lessons are always EASY, FUN and EFFECTIVE

JOIN Silvana Morici in Roslyn, NY for in-person lessons for every level player.  

Upcoming 7-week FALL sessions: 

  • Beginner (NOVICE): Wednesdays 10:15am

  • Pre-Intermediates: Tuesdays 10:15am

  • Advanced: Mondays 10:15am


Each time we will meet for a 2-Hour instructional session with supportive hands to play with your new bridge friends in class. 


Then, stay for another hour of supportive practice with Silvana and her wonderful, helpful staff.  

JOIN Silvana & Rich Morici for an exciting Bridge Cruise.  Under the guise of relaxing and traveling, we will play bridge, and offer lessons, daily.  These are not competitive events, rather, relaxing, enjoyable, friendly experiences.  All levels of players are invited, including our valuable SINGLETONS!

Ready to Sign Up for a class?  

JOIN Silvana and Rich Morici on the web, for LIVE! sessions at our sophisticated online tables. 

(3) Kinds of online lessons offered:

  • Learn one topic at a time (single sessions)

  • Intensive Courses (3-4 sessions)

  • Bid/Play Practice Groups (by level)


We maximize each students' practice opportunities with our state-of-the-art technologies. 


Nobody is ever sidelined while others are learning. 

We know that bridge is challenging to learn, so we have developed a simple, shorter curriculum that is easy to follow.  Many of our lessons include supportive, clear and concise notes, with examples and worksheets to increase your understanding of each topic.

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