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If you answered NO to more than 5 questions in either section, you should consider one the course(s) below, or both.  In just 4 weeks, I will turn your game around, guaranteed.


Your understanding and knowledge in these areas is critical to your overall potential as a player and success in a partnership.


Simply "playing more", without proper direction, will NOT improve your game.  In fact, it may harm your game as you continue to build and retain bad habits. 


If you are missing 50%+ of the essential tools that all good players know, you owe it to yourself and your partners to consider learning them.  In a few hours each week, we will work together to fill in all of the blanks, clean up your knowledge of the foundations of good bridge and grow your game.  Who is ready to see a real change and up their game?


My classes are LIVE! and interactive, EASY, FUN & EFFECTIVE.   JOIN ME!

Other Lessons you may be interested in . . . 

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