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Let's find the class that is perfect for YOU!

Are you new to bridge?

Did you want to try it before you jump completely in?

Have you just recently learned and you want to practice with help?

Did you learn in the past and need a refresher?

Do you know the basics of bidding but still feel like you are not 100% clear sometimes?

When you are the declarer do you get stuck organizing and making a plan?

Do the points completely confuse you (when to add, where to add, etc)?

Do you know when to pull trump and when to avoid it?

Do you know any of the (5) defensive signal systems?

Did you learn in the past and need a refresher?

Do you want to learn how to take more tricks?

Do you want to know defensive secrets?

Do want to study slam bidding?

Do you want to learn all the doubles in one course?

Did you want to learn new conventions and bridge theories?

Did you want to review a convention you learned?

Do you want to learn one double?

Do you want to study card combinations?

Does your schedule make it difficult to commit to 3-4 weeks of classes? 

Would you like to pick and choose your topics to study?

Do you like learning bridge more than you like playing it?

Did you want to learn 2/1 Game Force?

Are you looking to become a more advanced player?

Do you want to study methods like endplays, winning finesses, etc.?

Want to know how the pros are thinking?

Do you need to hone your detective skills? 

Want to study how to be more effective in competition?

Do you want to elevate your bidding a few notches?

Did you want personal attention and a private lessons?

Did you want to play with your teacher in a game and then review?

Are you looking for a professional partner for a tournament?

Do you have a partner or group that wants to learn together?

Are you training for an upcoming event?

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